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Ok, stay with me on this one because it is a biggie. It’s the difference between living in your beautiful house or living in a place that is beautiful but feeling like a guest in that house.

“You just decide.” I hear it all the time, and sometimes yes, I will make the decision. But I will only make these decisions after I have gone through my design process to understand my client: their goals, their style, their needs, how they want to feel in their space, and how they want to use their space. Once the vision is set and I know their needs, the rest is easy.

What does that mean? It means, as an interior designer, I design homes for people, their homes. I study them, learn about what is essential in their lives, learn how they cook, how they entertain, how they relax, how they work, how they play, what they love, what inspires them, and what brings them joy. I work through my discovery process to understand and design a home just for them.

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The Impact of Design

Interior design is more than paint colors, fabrics, and furniture. Good design can change your life, literally.

It can save you time, get you out the door in the morning without yelling at your kids, make you feel instantly relaxed when you walk through the door at the end of a very long day, make you more efficient, foster connections with your family & friends and bring you joy every day.

Come on, you say, how is this possible? It’s all possible (and more) when you design your home your way, around you and your family. It’s the difference between:

-having a beautiful home or having a beautiful home that reflects your style and makes you feel comfortable and at ease

-having storage or having the exact storage that fits your needs and makes life easier

-having idle spaces or using all of the spaces in your home for the things that are important to you

-having a home and having a home that you love

Design Your Home For YOUR World

Here’s the thing, when we are uncomfortable, we tend to want others to make decisions for us. But when it comes to your home, if others make the decisions, you live in their world. We all have different styles, needs, and goals; your home should support yours.

When going through my discovery process, I always joke with clients that if pink and purple are their favorite colors, I will make a kick-ass pink and purple home. Yes, I’m kidding, but it’s to make the point to them that it’s not my home; it’s theirs. I ask a million questions to understand them to design their home. In answering those questions and going through the process, they understand more of what they like, need, and want. I take their vision, goals, and needs and bring them to the next level.

Think of it in terms of a flower or vegetable garden. If you don’t go in knowing what you want and buy some plants, yes, you’ll have a garden. But will you have a garden full of flowers and food you love? Will you be able to create beautiful weekly bouquets with your favorite flowers? Will you be able to pick some vegetables and herbs to make your favorite summer recipe? If you don’t love roses or rutabaga, you likely don’t want them in your garden.

And the same goes for your house. Whether you hire a designer or not, your results will be better if you know yourself and what you love, need, and want.

So, how do you know what you love, want, and need? Stick around because we are going to cover that in the coming blogs.

In the mean time, a great place to start is with this blog: How to Have Your Dream Home—Now!




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