This incredibly entrepreneurial, and family-focused couple needed to update their new home so that it would fit the needs of their family and their business.

Functioning workspaces were a must because they run a family business together, and split time between the home office and an office in NYC. The key to success was not to have the home feel like a business space because who wants to live with their business 24/7?!

We created a wonderful workspace for the couple, and a separate homework space for the kids, so there were no interruptions on either side. (Who knew how valuable this would end up being. Hello, COVID!)

The kitchen was the next piece of the puzzle. Space planning was absolutely essential. We maximized the space to make the kitchen flow better and made the butler’s pantry a functional space for everyday use. The result is a haven for the family and a satellite headquarters for the family business.

It came out beautifully and now seamlessly integrates all their needs.

You’re one step away from a well-designed life.