Molly Hirsch is an award-winning interior decorator and the creative director of Molly Hirsch Interiors in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Her holistic approach to design – which factors in everything from a client’s lifestyle to their passions – inspires Molly to create fresh, fearless, timeless design.


“Many of my clients already have a strong sense of style,” says Molly. “My job is to take those sensibilities and interpret them in a way that creates a warm, comfortable environment that suits their needs and reflects their personalities. 


Molly’s ability to move effortlessly between grand solutions and intimate details was honed early in her 22-year career.  As the home accessories buyer for a design firm, she developed a knack for identifying trends that have a timeless feel.   


Later, Molly’s work in high-end homes, such as Greenwich’s famed 30,000-square-foot “Great Estates,” showcased her ability to create flow and functionality for an entire home. In 2003, she launched Molly Hirsch Interiors to help clients discover their own personal styles, and apply them to designs that are esthetically and functionally pleasing – right down to the details.


Molly Hirsch’s work and expertise as a designer have been featured in publications such as Traditional Home, Better Homes & Gardens, New England Home Magazine and Ridgefield Magazine. She and her husband Neil make their home in Ridgefield, CT, where they are raising two children and a dog with (seemingly) effortless style.