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Vibrant Visions: 5 Creative Ways to Infuse Color into Your Home

Vibrant VIsions: Infusing Color Into Your Home

I like to design with bold statements. I love pattern, vibrant colors, and clean lines. Even in a neutral palette, I want to make statements with various textures, shapes of furniture, and art. There are a variety of ways to infuse color into your home.

It’s the color part that people ask me about all the time. People want the color but are unsure of how to get there.


Image of neutral colored room with colorful accent pieces throughoutFive easy ways to infuse color into your home

1. Accessories

Decorative accessories are the easiest way to infuse color into your home: books, trays, vases, decorative objects, and flowers. Restyling your coffee table, a bookcase, or a console table with bright accessories is a simple way to infuse color into your space. Even a stark white kitchen can be changed dramatically with colorful kitchen accessories.

We have a great resource for you that shows one coffee table styled 5 ways—the perfect example of how accessories can change the look of a room (and there are shopping lists for each look!)

2. Pillows

Pillows can instantly change the vibe of a space and are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your room. You can change pillows and colors per season–light and bright for summer and warmer palettes for winter.

Pro tip: buy pillow covers to swap out and easily change the look of your space (it’s easier to store the covers vs. whole pillows). When changing the cover, fold the insert in half to remove it from one cover and put it in the other. This will keep you from breaking the zipper.

3. Art

Art is the perfect way to infuse color into your home. And it is the place that can bring you the most joy. When buying art, go with what makes you happy. Whether it’s an original or a reproduction, a gallery wall of family photos, or some beautiful handmade paper, art can bring color and life into a space. I find that people are more afraid of art than anything else, and I talk more about getting things up on your wall in this blog

Image of bold colored designed wallpaper to infuse color into your home4. With an Accent

An accent of color is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to go with color in the whole space. Great ways to do this are with color on the back of bookcases, on a ceiling (ceilings are so overlooked!), on the trim, or on the doors.

5. In a Powder Room

The powder room is a great place to experiment with color because they are usually small, and you’re not in there for too long. Take a risk and paint your powder room in your favorite color—go bold, and don’t hold back. Paint the walls and the trim the same color in different sheens (matte for the walls and semi-gloss for the trim) to give an upscale look and to ease you in. Less contrast between the walls and the trim will actually make it easier to get used to using color, especially in a small space like a powder room.

Adding color into your home takes practice. Start small and keep going. Practice to see what you like and don’t, and you’ll eventually feel more comfortable bringing in color. We talk more about how to visualize your dream home in this blog.  

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