Plan your home design project like a pro with me as your guide!

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This intensive collaboration provides a professional-level, self-implemented action plan and inspirational design elements suggested for you.

My proven Pre-Design Framework, along with the professional consultation is the perfect solution for anyone starting a room design or making improvements to an existing space.

Look, I know you’ll want to start with the “fun” stuff like your paint colors, fixtures, or Pinterest boards... and we’ll get to that, I promise!

Good design should start with the functionality of your space.

I go back one step further and guide you to examine how you want to live in your space and how you want to feel in your home everyday.

This is what ultimately will determine your design goals and is the key to successful planning.

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The Design Plan Method will help you plan your project like a professional designer!


You'll work your way through my Pre-Design Framework to uncover what you want most from your home and understand the foundational elements needed to move forward on this design project.


Handoff your completed Framework to me before our scheduled video conference. I’ll review your work and prepare some ideas to discuss on our call.


We meet, virtually, to review your goals and make a plan of action for your room. Boom! Professional planning without the price tag of custom design.

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At the end of our live consultation, you'll walk away with:

course elements

A birdseye-view, scaled drawing of your room including my suggested layout, and:

  • Furniture mood board and shopping list.
  • Accessory mood board and shopping list.
  • A packet with next steps and a plan of action.

My “Tool Kit” that contains:

  • My design process outlined to guide you through your project
  • My favorite online resources for all your design needs
  • My favorite design apps to help your design projects run smoothly 
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An invitation to my private design group on Facebook, where:

  • You will connect with others implementing their own home design projects
  • You can share your achievements and receive peer-sourced support
  • I pop in from time to time to share insight and updates

You’re one step away from a well-designed life.