• Molly Hirsch

Wrap it up 2020!

Making a little twist on my holiday wrapping for 2020. Who isn't missing their family this year? I thought it would be fun to literally wrap our holiday gifts with love--aka family photos. I love wrapping presents. The anticipation and wondering what is in those beautifully wrapped packages is almost as fun as opening them. This year, my wrapping is definitely going to be as much fun as the gift.

Fun, right?!

I made my wrapping paper two ways: black and white and full color. For the black and white, it is easy and very reasonable. Find your favorite photos, create a large scale document and then have them printed out at FedEx on their blueprint printer (they will come out black and white). Tip: It is best to make the document the size of the print. So if you are printing one sheet of 18 x 24", then make your page size be those dimensions and design your paper from there.

Here is the link to FedEx's large scale prints:

For the color wrapping paper, Stationary HQ does an amazing job. They have single sided paper and double sided paper--your options are endless! They also do an amazing job with their cards (I send our cards there every year to be printed) and they have great gifts options as well. Tip: I made my document the size of the wrapping sheet and dropped stripes in the background to make a frame around the photo.

Here is the link to Stationary HQ's wrapping paper:

And if you want to keep the love going all year round, this is by far my favorite gift ever. Social Print Studio makes a daily calendar with 365 photos! A new photo everyday to bring a smile to your parents, friend or your kids who have left the nest. Best. Gift. Ever.

Here is the link to Social Print Studio's calendar:

Cheers to the holidays!

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