• Molly Hirsch

Halloween 2020

We all know that nothing about 2020 is normal. As we kick off the holiday season with Halloween (yes, I've always thought of Halloween as kicking it off!), we are looking at a whole new way of celebrating. I've always loved making all celebrations and holidays special and a lot of that comes from traditions. Since we will be forced to change how we celebrate, I've decided to start some new traditions and shake things up a bit. I've got a whole slew of tricks up my sleeve for the upcoming holidays, but here are a few treats for celebrating Halloween. And making things special doesn't have mean difficult. I'm all about the details, but you can gain rockstar status with your kids by taking some shortcuts.

This year, we will definitely be carving our pumpkins and roasting the seeds. We like to try different recipes each year for roasting the pumpkin seeds--some sweet, some savory and some spicy! This year, we are trying out ranch flavor and cinnamon and sugar. Sounds delish, right?

Here is a link to the recipes we're trying. Wholefully.com

We're pulling out our usual decorations, but I wanted to try something new: marbled pumpkins. They were super fun, really easy and the results are amazing.

You will need:

-a container of slightly warm water

-a toothpick or skewer for stirring

-nail polish


Start by pouring the nail polish in the container on top of the water. Some may sink, but don't worry, most will stay on top of the water. Layer your colors. You can use as many as you like--we used a dark blue and a very light blue, almost white. Take your toothpick or skewer and swirl the nail polish around until it is to your liking. You need to move quickly during this process because the nail polish will start to harden quickly. Dip the pumpkin into the water in the middle of the colors, pull it out and be amazed. Each one is different and it is so fun to watch the patterns form on the pumpkin. It was slightly addicting!

We used the pumpkins throughout the house with our other halloween decorations.

I see the beginnings of a Thanksgiving tablescape here...

I hope you a have a fantastic Halloween. Be safe! Have fun!


I've pulled together a ton of other easy projects and recipes on my Halloween Pinterest board. You can find them here